In-Situ Remediation Services

Vironex Truck

Vironex supports our clients with a total focus on distribution of reagents rather than simply injection into the subsurface. This requires equipment and know-how to cost-effectively distribute reagents under the flow and pressure constraints dictated by the target lithologies and the discipline to maintain these design conditions for the duration of the project.

With industry recognition that reagent/contaminant contact is directly related to the % pore volume injected, many of our collaboratively developed remediation designs include the requirements for large volumes of oxidants or carbon substrates to be injected at multiple direct push injection points. To cost-effectively meet this need, Vironex has built a new generation of specialized injection rigs. 

Our rigs have efficiently mixed and injected hundreds of thousands of gallons of in-situ remedial compounds commercially available to consultants.

These include:

  • Chemical Oxidants – Fenton’s Reagent, Klozur, Klozur CR, Potassium and Sodium Permanganate, RegenOx, DrillOx
  • Chemical Reductants – EHC, EHC-A, Calcium Polysulfide, ZVI, Ferrous Chloride, Sodium Hydrosulfide.
  • Electron Donors – EOS, SRS, Newman Zone, Sodium Lactate, Lactoil Molasses, Cheese Whey, Oily Food Waste, HRC, HRC Advanced, ABC.
  • Bioaugmentation – KB-1, SDC-9
  • Slow Release Oxygen -  ORC, ORC Advanced, EHC-O, Permeox
  • Surfactants

Vironex's mobile injection systems are fully self-contained and have integrated motor control centers, mixers, pumps, secondary containment, water transfer and storage, power, compressed air, hydraulic PTO, and injection monitoring equipment. Vironex can deliver reagents through DPT points or injection wells individually and at multiple injection locations through our manifold piping.

Key Remediation Fleet Benefits

  • Integration of mixing and pumping systems = high injection efficiency / lower cost
  • Capable of supporting high injection rates  and pressures
  • Easy to move to injection locations and through neighborhoods
  • Built in safety features
  • Operator protection from adverse weather
  • Capable of maintaining flows at low pressures through pressure relief systems
  • Manifold systems for simultaneous injection into wells or DPT locations

Injection Tooling

Vironex has designed customized top-down and bottom-up injection tooling that allow Vironex to inject remedial compounds at specific target intervals. When Direct Push tooling encounters refusal due to very tight formations, Vironex often can either core or auger through these zones to reach the underlying contaminants.

Vironex is also certified to implement the Primawave™ technology - Hornet or Sidewinder - which is placed on top of direct push-type injection tool strings to enhance subsurface distribution through pulsing of the injectate. 

In-Situ Mixing

When projects are not suitable for injection – e.g. tight shallow soils – in-situ mixing is often the best option should excavation and off-site disposal not be viable. Rather than mixing and delivering reagents through injection tooling, Vironex delivers reagents to the mixer head where they are vigorously mixed into the soil matrix. This provides the intimate contact required for contaminant destruction.  Vironex utilizes a proprietary mixing system that is capable of achieving depths to 20 feet. Typically 250 to 750 cubic yards can be mixed per day, and, when required, soils can be stabilized for future required use.

Vironex’s In-Situ Remediation Value Proposition

  • Project management to ensure performance and meeting schedules.
  • Collaborative design support on reagent selection, dosing, and distribution
  • National Safety Manager Support for all injection projects
  • Unsurpassed injection trouble shooting expertise based on experience developed over hundreds of sites
  • Precise control of mixing and pumping systems to meet flow and pressure design requirements.
  • Monitoring and reporting of critical injection parameters
  • Project specific Health and Safety Plans and Job Hazard Analyses
  • Performance backed with lump sum bids
  • Remediation compound neutrality
  • Reagent purchasing, handling and associated logistics.